M83 - Suture Practice Trainers Full set

M83 - Suture Practice Trainers Full set

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  • The artificial skin can be cut easily at any site to prepare a novel wound.
  • The soft skins are made of durable materials.
  • Simple and durable supporters keep the soft skins arched or maintain tension in the tubular models.

Training skills / Applications

4 skills for suture: abdominal skin suture, blood vessel suture,intestinal suture, limbs skin suture

Set includes

1 set of simulated skins, ducts and supporters / abdomen set; 2 abdominal skins, 1 supporter: blood vessels; 5 narrow tubes: intestine set; 5 wide tubes, 1 supporter: limbs set; 2 narrow skins, 1 supporter / 1 set of instrument: needle-holders, suture needles, scissors, suture threads, tweezers / 1 storage case

Replacement parts

11219-030 1 abdominal skin / 11219-050 5 blood vessels / 11219-070 5 intestinal tracts / 11219-010 5 limbs
Quantitative unit
M83 - Kompletní sada trenažérů pro nácvik šití

M83 - Suture Practice Trainers Full set

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