M53B - Prostate Examination Simulator

M53B - Prostate Examination Simulator

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The Prostate examination simulator provides realistic training in prostate palpation. Soft life-like anus and rectum material allows efficient training in examination skills. Ten types of prostates are placed in the simulator and the trainer can smoothly interchange them using a simple rotating system.
Three patient positions are possible. Compact and space-saving design.


  • Built-in prostates can be quickly changed using a simple rotating switch:
    • Useful for teaching a group of students and testing their achievement.
    • Ten prostate cases for training: two types of normal prostates, two types of prostate-gland enlargements, one prostatitis and five types of carcinomas.
  • Soft, life-like material of anus, rectal and lumbar torso provides realistic training in examination procedures, improving skills to diagnose prostate diseases.
  • The improved lumbar torso can be placed in three patient positions: supine, prone and lateral position.

Set includes:

  • 1 male lumbar torso
  • 1 rotating unit (10 prostate cases: 2 normal, 2 enlargements, 5 carcinomas and 1 prostatitis)
  • 1 jar of Vaseline
  • 1 pair of gloves
  • 1 carrying case

Manikin size: 40 × 32 × 24 cm, 5,3 kg

Packing size: 41 × 40 × 33 cm, 7 kg

Quantitative unit
M53B - Simulátor vyšetření prostaty

M53B - Prostate Examination Simulator

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