LMV 05/12 - Laboratory muffle LMV furnace

Muflová vertikílní pec LAC LMV
Inner dimensions [mm]:170 × 230
Volume [l]:5
Input power [kW]:2,6
Quantitative unit:ks
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2.608,76 Eur
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Vertical charging (samples for testing) into ceramic muffle. This muffle prevents from acces of possible agresive fouling, forming at heat treatment, to heating elements

Description of the construction of the furnace:

  • frameless conctruction created by the hooped rustless metal plate
  • portal of the door of the fireproof adapting pieces
  • muffle insulated by the sedge of the mineral grain and cased by the insulation desks
  • lid fulfilmed by the insulation desk
  • heating spiral winding-up on the muffle
  • feeder cables procurated by the uniphase bolts
  • controller HT40 enables controlling to standard value
  • thermocouple of the type S, placed on the back side

Standard equipment of the furnace covers:

  • controller HT40
  • manualy opening lid

Like an accessories as an extra we are bidding:

  • controller INDUSTRY
  • interface R 232/485
  • software for the monitoring and the record of the temperature cycle
  • protective atmospher supply