LF01095 - Blood Pressure Simulator

LF01095 - Blood Pressure Simulator

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A simulator for teaching physical assessment, this Blood Pressure Simulator helps resolve the uncertainties common in teaching students to take blood pressure.

Features include:

  • Durable control unit
  • Simple calibration procedure
  • Palpable radial pulse
  • Optional external speakers

This lifelike simulator allows the presetting of values for both systolic and diastolic pressures. Provides an excellent means to practice listening to and distinguishing blood pressure sounds prior to actual clinical experience. It is possible to audibly discern the five Korotkoff phases. Many times when working with a live subject, pressures are difficult to auscultate, making accurate evaluation of student proficiency almost impossible, and undermining the student’s self-confidence. With this realistic unit, the student can find the preset results and the instructor can unfailingly know if the student has performed the procedure accurately. The electronically generated sounds are digitally recorded.

Control Unit Allows Instructor to:

  • Select systolic and diastolic settings
  • Adjust pulse rate
  • Adjust volume
  • Turn ausculatory gap on or off
  • Easily calibrate unit for use with any sphygmomanometer


  • Use normal procedure to place cuff on arm
  • Check palpable pulse at the radial site
  • Pump cuff
  • Pressures are activated at release valve
  • Read pressures on sphygmomanometer
  • Auscultate Korotkoff sounds with any stethoscope through a speaker in the arm

Includes the Life/form® Arm Replica with embedded speaker, sphygmomanometer, electronic control unit (six “AA” batteries included), instruction booklet, and hard carrying case. The simulator does not include a stethoscope.

Optional Accessories

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LF01095 - Simulátor krevního tlaku

LF01095 - Blood Pressure Simulator

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