LF01083 - Tracheostomy Care Training Model

Tracheostomický simulátor
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The Tracheostomy Care Training Model provides a life-like representation of a patient for practice and critiquing of suctioning techniques, proper cuff inflation, dressing changes and other techniques.

The tracheostomy simulator is a reproduction of an adult male containing oral and nasal passages and all appropriate anatomy - pharynx, epiglottis, trachea, oesophagus, stoma, cricoid cartilage, and representative cervical vertebrae. The chest area contains left and right bronchi and the bronchial tree. The oesophagus "dead ends" 5cm below the trachea opening. The side of the neck and chest area over the bronchial tree allow viewing of the suction and trachea tube. The model features a viewing window at the bottom which shows the location of a suction catheter in right bronchus (seen) or left bronchus (unseen). Oral, nasopharyngeal, nasotracheal, and tracheal suctioning can be practiced. Cleansing of the stoma area can be performed just as on an actual patient. Changing dressings and ties is also possible, and the experience is very close to an actual one.

The tracheostomy model includes an instruction guide and hard carry case. Tracheostomy tube not included.