LF01036 - Spinal Injection Simulator

LF01036 - Spinální injekční simulátor
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The Life/form Spinal Injection Simulator is a valuable training and teaching aid allowing realistic demonstration and practice of all spinal injections. Spinal injection techniques include spinal anesthesia, spinal tap, epidural analgesia, caudal analgesia, sacral nerve block, and lumbar sympathetic block. Excellent simulation qualities, in addition to an easy-to-change vertebral column and replaceable skin, make this Life/form product the very best available. Careful duplication of the anatomy ensures proper resistance in needle puncture and accurate palpation reference points. The replaceable skin can be changed without tools in minutes. The spinal column can be charged with fluid and placed in sitting or lateral positions for injection practice. The L1 and L2 sections of the vertebral column are clearly visible. The functional portion of this injection model includes L3-L5 vertebrae, plus the sacrum and coccyx. Includes a fluid supply bag with connectors, teaching guide, and hard carrying case. Three-year warranty. Needle not included. Sh. wt. 27 lbs. (12.25 kg).

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