LF00843 - Male/Female Catheterization Simulator

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Nasco Healthcare Male and Female Catheterization Trainer features a new lifelike skin material. This material is easily cleaned and very durable care should be used since abuse or rough treatment will damage the simulator almost as it would injure or cause pain to the patient. The trainer housing is a modular design that accepts male or female genitals. The bladders are a new design that are disposable and are easily replaced by the trainee or trainer. More bladders can be purchased as needed, which is an added benefit. The same bladder is used with both male, female genitals and the suprapubic. With responsible care, the simulator will last for hundreds of catheterizations.


  • Realistic “skin” feel is soft, durable  and long-lasting.
  • Configurable between male/female  and suprapubic applications.
  • Disposable/replaceable bladder works  with all applications.
  • Realistic anatomical resistance and  pressure ensures correct patient positioning   and movement.
  • Cost effective – upgradable to maximize    long-term training benefits.


List of Components

  • Soft female genital
  • Soft male genital
  • Simulator Lubricant 2oz
  • 16 French Foley Silicone Catheter
  • Genital Housing Unit
  • Quart simulated Urine
  • Reusable Fluid Supply bag
  • Bladders- 3
  • Foreskins- 3
  • Suprapubic skin- 3
  • Syringe
  • Carrying case
  • Baby powder
  • Stand with non-skid feet