Set of 27 Different Embedded Specimen

Kufr s 27 různými vloženými exempláři
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The high quality set is an excellent substitute for original living specimens. The natural appearance, shimmering colours and lifelike 3D view makes working with these unique and inexpensive specimens a fascinating experience for your students. These fine specimens are not generally hunted or caught by us, but originate from legal breeding or pest control sources. Each specimen is prepared with great care before encasement in a high quality transparent acrylic block. Teaching can hardly get more fascinating and true-to-life!

Common NameScientific Name
Chafer BeetleAnomala Cuprea Hope
Lady bugSynonycha grandis (Thunberg)
Mole CricketGrallotalpa orientalis Burmeister
Praying MantisHierodula petellifera (Serville)
Paper WaspPolistes olivaceus (De Geer)
Honey beeApis cerana
AntPheidologeton latinodus Zhou et Zeng
Dung beetleCatharsius molossus (Linnaeus)
Rhinoceros beetlesXylotrupes Gideon (Linnaeus)
MonarchDanaus genutia (Cramer)
Long-horned BeetleAnoplophora chinensis (Forster)
CicadaCryptotympana atrata (Fabricius)
Shield bugEusthennes cupreus (Westwood)
Wespspin SpiderAgriope bruennichi
DragonflyBrochythemis coutaminata
CricketTeleogryllus emma (Ohmachi et Matsumura)
CockroachPeriplaneta australasiae (Fabricius)
ScorpionUrodaus novaehollandiae
Walking stickDiapheromera femorata
Onion FlyDelia antiqua Meigen
Chinese shrimpPenaeus chinensis (Osbeck)
SilkwormBombyx mandarina moore
CrabNectocarcinus intigrifrons
Star fishAsterias amurensis Lutken
GrasshopperCatantops splendens
Stag beetleOdontolabis cuvera fallaciosa
  • Dimensions: 42 × 33 × 8 cm
  • Weight: 5 kg