Equine Neck Venipuncture/ IM Injection

Koňský krk pro venepunkci a intramuskulární injekce
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  • Detailed decription
  • Jugular venipuncture with palpable veins
  • Easily replaceble latex vein tubing that can endure multiple punctures, includes 5 sets of veins
  • Mechanical system allows the veins to be pressurized 
  • Long lasting, easily removable, wshable, replaceable hide coveing with mane
  • IM site that can endure multiple punctures and accept fluid injections
  • Soft silicone head with flexible ears and well rendered anatomy illustrates facial injection sites and accepts a bridle
  • Rolling stand adjustable for height, rostral tilt and 90 degree rotation
Replaceable Parts
veins, intramuscular pads, mane, hide covering