Compact Dystocia Model

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  • Detailed decription
  • Tabletop simulator that is modeled as a Hereford
  • Steel reinforced epoxy/fiberglass construction, with water resistant components throughout for ease of cleaning.
  • 0.65m tall and 1.3m long, tail to bulkhead and 0.8m at wides point
  • Matching calf included
  • Inflatable calf air bed support system
  • Clear vinyl uterine bag
  • Soft, durable perineum panel
  • Soft removable tail
  • Reolica polyurethane pelvis
  • Padded fetal extractor, obstetric chain and head snare
  • Landing mat provides to prevent damage to calf
Replaceable Parts
Birthing perineum panel, uterine bag, tail, calf