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Dividing system H+H

H+H on-line katalog It is a simple but very effective system for arranging stored items in drawers and shelves. Its installation is easy, it does not require expert installation or any special tools.

The system is a suitable complement to newly made furniture but can be easily installed in furniture already finished.For practical and simple installation the H+H dividing system is widely used by both designers and cabin makers and furniture makers for whom this system is saving time In the production and then the assembly of furniture. An indirect H+H dividing system saves final customers' money.

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H+H dividers

Features and Benefits of the H+H Dividing System

  • Easy installation
  • Save space up to 30%
  • Great flexibility (see Fig.)
  • Optimal organization, clarity
  • Save time when saving and searching

Only 2 parts. Simply put on and push in, that's H+H.

The H+H dividing system increases your storage capacity

The dividers can be moved quickly and easily through dividing partitions so you can easily set up the necessary drawer / shelf distribution. After installing the partition system, you'll be surprised at what's going to happen now in your drawers and shelves. Dividers can be displaced without unnecessary loss of space until packing and if the size of the package is changed or a new item is added, the dividers can be moved simply again. The possibility of marking an article is a matter of course.

up to 30% space saving easy setup Clear arrangement on the shelvesBetter use of shelf space


Installation procedure

The system does not require expert installation and no special tools are required to install it. Installation itself takes two to three steps, and you can handle it yourself without difficulty.

  • 1. step - Attaching a self-adhesive divider grid
  • 2. step - Insert aluminum or plexiglass partitions
  • 3. step - Tapping the sliding dividers
Krok_1 - upravení rastru na potřebný rozměr. Krok_2 - zasunutí hlavních přepážekKrok_3 - nacvaknutí posuvných děličů

Note: For new furniture, the 1st step can be replaced by pre-preparation of the partition grooves during production.

Installation of the H + H system according to your requirements for the required number of separate spaces is a matter of course.

Try the customized editing, for example, only on parts of drawers. Based on our experience, you will soon be able to adjust the remaining number.

Are you interested in the H+H dividing system and want to order it?

It's easy! We just need to know:

  • Basic drawer dimensions or shelf dimensions (see drawings below)
  • Direction of division - front / back, or right / left (this is the location of the base partitions)
  • Method of division (eg: in half, to thirds, etc.)
  • Number of compartments per section (required number of sliding plastic dividers)

Rozměry pro poličku. Rozměry pro zásuvku.

Examples of splitting direction using main dividers:

Směr dělení odpředu dozadu. Směr dělení zprava doleva

Based on this data, we are happy to process a specific quotation


Samples of implementation:

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