From the seating furniture you can choose from wide range of chairs for different applications. You will find there laboratory and pharmacy chairs including anti-static chairs or ordinary office chairs.
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115,00 Eur
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Code Product name Points per item Number of pieces Price without VAT
8004.V3645 Swivel chair FORM - V3644 46 128,00 Eur
8004.V044CAB Swivel chair MONA - V3611 88 247,00 Eur
8004.NAB003 Swivel chair FORMED - V3643 90 253,00 Eur
8004.V3646 Swivel chair FORMEX - V3646 93 260,00 Eur
8004.V023CAB Swivel chair CLINE - V023CABK 92 258,00 Eur
8004.V023CABK Swivel chair CLINE-K - V023CABK 87 245,00 Eur
8004.V022CABK Swivel chair DENTAL CH-K - V022CABK 95 266,00 Eur