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BINDER cooling incubators are gentle on samples and provide high-quality performance. Every KB Series cooling incubator thus makes safe, reproducible incubation possible, even at high ambient temperatures. Together with the efficient weekly program function, a cooling incubator from BINDER is truly versatile in laboratory work with microorganisms. The KT Series combines exceptional performance with low energy consumption. Additionally, every BINDER cooling incubator offers true added value with its exemplary environmental sustainability.
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Cooling incubators for safe incubation processes: For stable incubation processes guaranteed, BINDER offers a range of premium refrigerated incubators. These units deliver reliable and reproducible results even at high ambient temperatures, and provide ideal incubation conditions in the microbiology laboratory. BINDER refrigerated incubators are best suited to applications within the food and drink industry as well as in test laboratories, combining impressively high performance with energy-efficient and environmentally friendly operation. Plus, you can be sure that whichever BINDER incubator you choose will be extremely easy to use. Thanks to their APT.line™ preheating chamber technology, homogeneous temperature distribution is guaranteed with BINDER refrigerated incubators. Air can flow horizontally on both sides even when the units are fully loaded, while the disinfection routine at 100 °C makes decontamination a breeze and can be relied upon to ensure bacteria and germs are killed. Cleaning is even easy owing to the stainless steel inner chamber.
Incubators with compressor technology or thermoelectric cooling: BINDER refrigerated incubators come in different series and versions, leaving you to choose from a versatile incubator for laboratory applications with compressor technology and an incubator with thermoelectric cooling, which cleverly combines high performance with energy-efficient operation. Whichever BINDER refrigerated incubator is the one for you, it won't fail to impress with its extremely robust and durable quality. The incubators are manufactured exclusively at BINDER's own plant in Germany. Within the KT series, the unit tank is permanently connected to the housing for maximum stability and thermal insulation with no cold spots. Providing ideal incubation conditions and stable incubation processes, BINDER offers the perfect refrigerated incubator to suit all requirements, ranging from standard applications to challenging laboratory tasks.