H - Racer 2.0

H - Racer 2.0
Model cars powered by fuel cells.
Subject:Fuel cells and "H" technology
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Global prize winning fuel-cell racing car, reflecting in miniature the dreams of all those developing the vehicles of the future, i.e. an electric racer powered by fuel cells. The only thing needed to operate the vehicle is wate, which is electrolysed by solar energy at a hydrogen fuelling station in order to generate hydrogen. Some parts of this kit need to be assembled by customers themselves.


  • 1 Car with fuel cell
  • 1 Hydrogen station with solar cell and battery box for 2 1,5 V AA batteries
  • 1 Remote control unit
  • Connecting tubes and accessories

Additionally required:

  • 2 Batteries, 1,5 V AA
  • Distilled water
  • Cross-head screwdriver