GP-100KS - Industrial Balance, max. kapacita 101kg, detached display

GP-100KS - Váha přesná pro vyšší hmotnosti
Type Balances:Industrial Bal. for Heavier Weights
Approval (Verif. ČMI):NO
Capacity (maximum):101.00 kg
Minimum weighing value:1 g
Platform [mm]:386 × 346
Specifications:IP 65, Calibration with an internal mass, Comparator function, Counting function, Animal weighing function, Percent mode function, Density function, Detachable display unit
Quantitative unit:ks
6.100,00 Eur
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7.381,00 Eur
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Balalnces A&D series GP - IP65 Dust & Waterproof Precision Industrial Balances with internal calibration. Adjustable swing arm display ("S" models with detached display stand also available).


  • Detached display
  • Water & Dust Proof IP-65/NEMA4 Compliant
  • GLP/GMP/ISO Compliant
  • Standard RS-232C Interface
  • ID Number
  • Density determination
  • HI, OK, LO Indicator
  • Accumulation of weighing results
  • Internal Calibration
  • Display Auto Power OFF
  • Auto Power ON
  • Data Memory
  • Time & Date
  • Auto Self Checking
  • Optional Under hook
  • Interval Time Setting
  • Auto Re-Zero
  • Large Stainless Steel Weighing Pan
  • Multiple Weighing Units & Programmable Unit
  • Smart Range*
  • Bundled with A&D´s new WinCT Software 

*The display returns to the precision range by pressing the RE-ZERO (tare) key regardless of the tare value.


  • Under hook 
  • Comparator Output (Relay with Buzzer)/RS-232C/Current Loop
  • Analog/Current Loop Output
  • Rechargeable Battery