Puridest PD 2 D Double distillation water still

Destilační přístroj pro dvojitou destilaci
Capacity 2 l/h
Double water still
Device type:Device
Power [l/h]:2
Voltage [V] / Input power [kW]:230 / 3,5
Quantitative unit:ks
5.300,00 Eur
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6.413,00 Eur
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  • Water Still (fully automatic) for double distillation, suitable for both bench and wall mounting.
  • Double distillation water still. 1st stage made of stainless steel; 2nd stage including the baffle made of borosilicate glass.
  • Distillate can be withdraw after 1st stage of distillation.
  • Water saving through automatic water cut-off. Unnecessary water consumption will be avoided.
  • Very good distillate quality; conductivity:
    • single distillate: approx. 2.2 µs/cm at 25 °C
    • double distillate: approx. 1.6 µs/cm at 25 °C.