GC-30K - Counting Scale

GC-30K - Counting Scale

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  • Automatic Item Search (AIS)*1 to instantly find a desired unit weight
  • Large internal memory to store data for up to 1,000 items
  • WinCT-Counting (freeware) for easy management of item data
  • Unit weight backup
  • Memory capacity extension using a MicroSD card
  • Three reverse-backlit LCD displays for count, weight, and unit weight data, and one OLED information display
  • Information display also acting as a simplified guide for internal settings
  • Diverse methods of unit weight setting
  • Unit weight entry navigator
  • Selectable power sources including mobile battery via USB cable
  • Separable display unit
  • RS-232C interface that supports digital connection with an A&D balance/scale
  • Expanded scope of application using the AD-8561 series of Multi-Interfaces (sold separately)
  • Comparator function with highly-visible LED traffic lights and buzzer
  • Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement (ACAI)
  • Adjustable response characteristics
  • Stabilization of approx. 1 second (typical)*2
  • Universal Flexi Coms (UFC) to customize printout content and layout
  • Auto power ON and OFF functions
  • Password lock and key lock functions
  • External input terminal

*1 Patent pending
*2 By default settings, the stabilization time is approx. 1.6 seconds.


External Input/Output

RS-232C interface
Multi-Interfaces (optional)


GC-08: Extension cable (2 m)
GC-14: Bracket for AD-8561 and vable


AD-8561-MI02: Multi-Interface incl. USB (Type micro B)
AD-8561-MI04: Multi-Interface incl. Terminal (4-pin) block
AD-8561-MI05: Multi-Interface incl.  Terminal (7-pin) block
AD-8561-11: Terminal block cover*3
AX-KO1371-200: Crossover RS-232C cable (2 m)
AX-KO7215-150: USB cable for power supply (1,5 m)*4

*3 Provided as standard for the AD-8561-MI05 and can also be used for the AD-8561-MI04
*4 Provided as standard for the GC series


 Model  GC-3K  GC-6K  GC-15K  GC-30K
 Minimum unit weight*5  Normal mode  0,1 g  0,2 g  0,4 g  1 g
Fine mode  0,005 g  0,01 g  0,02 g  0,05 g
 3 kg  6 kg  15 kg  30 kg
 Readability  0,0005 kg  0,001 kg  0,002 kg  0,005 kg
 Number of samples  5, 10, 25, 50, 100, or an arbitrary number of pieces   
 Weighing pan  310 mm × 210 mm   
 *5 Selectable by internal setting    
Type Balances
Counting Scales
Approval (Verif. ČMI)
Capacity (maximum)
30000 g
Minimum weighing value
5 g
Comparator function, Counting function
Weighing pan [mm]
300 × 210 mm
Quantitative unit

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GC-30K - Váha počítací

GC-30K - Counting Scale

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