DV2THA - Rotate viscometer

DV2THA - Rotate viscometer

Order Number: 0204.DV2THA
6 spindles
Viscosity range: 200* - 80 M [mPa.s]
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  • 5“Full Color Touch Screen Display 
  • Continuously senses and displays temperature (C or F), Viscosity, % Scale, Shear Rate, Shear Stress, Speed, % Torque, and Spindle, making the instrument flexible in a variety of applications
  • Accuracy ±1.0% of range, Repeatability ±0.2%
  • Built-in RTD Temperature Probe
  • Řada volitelných funkcí
  • USB PC interface
  • Included: Instrument 6 spindles (RV/HA/HB) or 4 spindles (LV), PG Flash Software, RTD Temperature Probe, Convenience Pack

  • Optional Accessories:
  • RheocalcT software

*) 1 cP achieved with UL Adapter accessory. 15 cP on LV with standard spindles
**) Minimum viscosity is achieved with optional RV/HA/HB-1 spindle.

Number of spindles
Range [mPa.s]
200 * to 80 000 000
Brookfield DV2T
Quantitative unit
DV2THA - Viskozimetr rotační

DV2THA - Rotate viscometer