Airway Assessment Training Model

Simulátor pro zajištění dýchacích cest
Dealing with crisis situations - filter:Breathing
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  • Detailed decription
  • Objective intubation practice with an adult torso model
  • Ability to do realistic practice by using skin-like feeling Human torso model - Head tilt / Chin lift, Sniffing position
  • Jaw Thrust maneuver (Displayed through the monitor)
  • Ventilation by using Bag-Valve-Mask
  • Insert the oral and nasal airway can be applied
  • Intubation tube (ETT), laryngeal mask (LMA/I-gel), combi tube (Combi-Tube) can be applied
  • Intubation by using laryngoscope
  • Observable chest rising during the ventilation and check with stethoscope
  • Alarm sounds due to the excessive use of laryngoscope
  • Detects Head tilt-chin lift method, Jaw Trust, sniffing position and display these through a tablet
  • Observable intubation depth (deep/moderate/shallow) through tablet
  • Observable esophageal intubation on the tablet PC
  • Detects tidal volume and stomach expansion and display the state on the Tablet PC
  • User can check up the training record through the auto-ID items and check-list
  • Check-list & result-point is all configurable.
  • All the results can be saved.
  • Wireless Blue-tooth connection between display device-tablet PC


  • Adult Torso Model (Controller(installed) / Blue-tooth device(installed))
  • Tablet PC (Software include)
  • Lubricant
  • AC Power Adaptor
  • Battery Holder
  • Storage Case
  • User Guide