CPR Training Simulator

Nácvikový KPR simulátor
Nácvikový KPR simulátorNácvikový KPR simulátorNácvikový KPR simulátor
Komprese hrudníku, umělá ventilace. Kontrola karotického pulzu, vědomí a dýchacích cest.
Construction:Adult manikin
Quantitative unit:ks
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  • Detailed decription

High-tech design

  • Human rib style spring system.

Blue-tooth communication

  • Evaluation is easier by applying wireless communication between the simulator and laptop computer
  • Simultaneous evaluation is possible by connecting multiple simulators to 1 laptop computer

Over compression depth (7cm)

  • Over compression can be detected by measuring extra 1cm from AHA guideline.

Semi-permanent AED electrode pads

  • Magnetic type AED electrodes can be used semi-permanently.

Optimized GUI Software

  • Setting the CPR guideline for evaluation.
  • Revision of CPR guideline, points and checklist setting.
  • When training is done, training details and data will be saved and printed.

Laptop(Option) Optimized GUI & Program

  • Build up evaluation Guideline
  • Modified guideline standard and setup the evaluation point & Checklist
  • Multi-Screen for the multiple monitoring of Simulator
  • All detail data and information is saved and print out anytime.

Verification in real-time

  • Chest compressing, compression depth, position, rate, numbers and hands-off-time will be displayed in real-time.
  • Airway, the angle of patient’s head back will be displayed. (Hyperextension)
  • Artificial respiration, respiration volume, time, rate and numbers will be displayed in real-time.

Automatic Carotid Pulse

  • Carotid Pulse Available (On/Off)

110/220V 50/60Hz

  • Power Adaptor or battery


  • Practice chest compression and artificial ventilation with CPR training simulator
  • Practice the pre-CPR procedures such as consciousness checking pulse checking and airway opening
  • Defibrillator / AED System for education

Display windows

  • Trainee information: Saving and Printing the trainee information
  • Training procedure setup: setting the guideline, scenario, evaluation point, training time and checklist.

Training screen:

  • Trainee info. / Training time / Status of manikin / Chest compression and artificial ventilation data will be displayed.
  • Check consciousness: After the trainee check the patient’s consciousness, It will be marked at graph & history.
  • Check pulse: After the trainee check the patient’s carotid pulse, it will be marked at graph & history.
  • Chest compression: During the chest compression, compression depth, position, rate, number and hands-off-time will be marked at graph & history.
  • Airway opening: When opening the airway, it will be marked at gra+ph & history. (Hyper-extention)
  • Artificial respiration: During artificial respiration, respiration volume, time, rate and numbers will be marked at graph & history.
  • Defibrillation: When applying the defibrillation, shock time and number will be marked at graph & history / ECG, pulse, breathing per minute, pupil will be marked at current state.
  • Accuracy analysis: Chest compression, artificial respiration will be displayed as a chart in real-time.
  • Practice record: All practice records from beginning to the end will be marked at graph & history.
  • Checklist: The supervisor’s checking results will be displayed.
  • History: When auto item & checklist is activated, the data will be displayed at practice record.
  • Metronome: Metronome setup. (OFF, 100bpm, 110bpm, 120bpm)
  • Scenario: According to setting ECG, ECG signal, pulse, breathing per minute, pupil will be displayed in real-time.

Evaluation result:

  • Trainee info, Result data display.
  • Total chest compression number, average depth, rate, hands-off-time, number of normal/ incomplete/ excessive depth, number of compression position (up, down, left, right side) and number of pressure relaxation and incomplete.
  • Total number of ventilation, average rate & volume, normal/ incomplete/ excessive volume of ventilation, number of stomach inflation, accurate ventilation and accuracy of artificial ventilation.
  • Total score and accuracy of assessment items will be displayed.
  • Item of runtime and total score will be displayed.
  • It is possible to save and print the results.

Previous result

  • Previous evaluation result of trainee can be uploaded.
  • Result summary / Training screen/ Accuracy analysis/ History’s selective display.
  • User can print out the data and transfer to excel.

Note: Control PC or tablets are not included.