Sophie and Sophie’s Mum Birth Simulator

Porodní trenažér Sophie a její matka
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The MODEL-med® Sophie and Sophie’s Mum Birth Simulator is designed for the simulation of cephalic birth, breech birth and shoulder dystocia. It is made from a highly realistic flesh-like material that creates an extremely realistic tactile experience when simulating birth.
You will note that the vagina is a realistic size but stretches to accommodate the fetus, with a very life-like stretching of the perineum.
When using the MODEL-med® Sophie and her Mum Birth Simulator Version 4.0 you will usually have two practitioners operating the model. One will be pushing the fetus through Sophie’s Mum’s birth canal, while the other will be delivering Sophie.
The Sophie fetus has a full metal skeleton that provides durability and allows her to move realistically when practicing manoeuvres such as the nuchal arm.
The MODEL-med® Sophie and Sophie’s Mum Birth Simulator Version 4.0 also has add-ons available that increase her usefulness. A placenta and post-partum uterus can be purchased separately that allow manual removal of the placenta to be simulated. In addition, a post-partum haemorrhage uterus is available separately that allows the user to simulate bleeding after birth. This is used with MODEL-med‘s own blood, which is non-toxic, and washes out of cloth.