B41 - Life-Size Asian Dual Sex Torso with muscular arm, 33-part

B41 - Deluxe torso, dvojí pohlaví, ruka se svaly, asijské rysy, 33 částí
B41 - Deluxe torso, dvojí pohlaví, ruka se svaly, asijské rysy, 33 částí
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This deluxe human torso model provides all quality characteristics and components of the Deluxe Torso B42, but with Asian features.

A feature is unique worldwide is the removable 6-part muscle arm. It fully represents the complete anatomy of the human upper body. The right half of the torso shows the skin, the left half the superficial and deeper muscles with nerves, vessels and bony structures.

The versatility of this aesthetically designed human torso model is rounded off by the exact representation of the internal organs.

The following parts are removable:

  • 2-part head
  • Brain half
  • Sternocleidomastoideus muscle
  • 6-part muscle arm (detachable: deltoid muscle, biceps muscle of arm, triceps muscle of arm, long palmar muscle with radial flexor muscle of wrist, brachioradial muscle with radial extensor muscle of wrist)
  • Upper leg stump
  • 2-part lower leg (detachable: gastrocnemius muscle)
  • Chest/abdominal wall with detachable mammary gland
  • Torso body
  • 2 lung halves
  • 2-part heart
  • Liver with gall bladder
  • 2-part stomach
  • Half kidney
  • 4-part intestine set
  • 3-part female genital insert with fetus
  • 4-part male genital insert

All the organs in this human torso are hand painted.

Supplied with the 3B Torso Guide.

On baseboard.

Height: 90 cm
Weight: 22,8 kg