B235 - Torso with open back, 27-part, dual sex

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A complete life size torso with open back, composed of 27 parts that provide the most important organs and anatomical structures in the human body. The head is sectioned to expose the skull, brain, mouth and throat region as well as the eye. In addition, the neck is dissected to expose larynx, thyroid and cervical vessels. The thorax and abdomen are completely open; all internal organs can be removed and are partly dismantable. Separate male and female urogenital systems fit interchangeably into the main portion of the torso. The open back exposes muscular layers and the vertebral column, the spinal nerves as well as a removable vertebrae with spinal cord.
The model is dissectable in the following parts:
- torso
- half of the brain
- eye
- left lung, two parts
- right lung, two parts
- heart, two parts
- trachea
- esophagus
- liver
- stomach, two parts
- pancreas, duodenum and spleen
- half of one kidney
- intestines
- ilio-cecal valve
- female urogenital systems, 4 parts
- male urogenital systems, 4 parts
- thoracic vertebrae
Mounted on base.
Size: 88 x 40 x 23 cm, Weight: approx. 10.4 kg