PROMPT Flex - Cervical Dilatation & Effacement Module

Modul pro rozšíření a zúžení děložního hrdla
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This versatile module is an optional add-on to the PROMPT Flex Standard (80100) or Wireless Force Monitoring birthing simulator (80105)


It allows for training in assessment of both the latent and active first stages of labour.


Skills Gained:

Assessment and Bishop’s scoring of:

    • Cervical dilation (1-10cm)
    • Cervical effacement (0-100%)
    • Cervical ripeness/consistency (soft, medium, hard)
    • Cervical position (anterior, mid, posterior)
    • Foetal station (-3 to +3)
    • Assessment of and artificial rupture of membranes
    • Assessment of presenting part - flexed, deflexed, brow, face, breech, caput and moulding and caput formation

Product Anatomy:

Realistic representation of cervixes, including anterior lip, and presenting parts in soft birth canal, with palpable ischial spines.