5703 Electrostatic smoke precipitator

5703 - Elektrostatický odlučovač popílku
5703 - Elektrostatický odlučovač popílku
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The smokes and powders coming out of the chimneys of those mills where toxic substances are used, contribute greatly to air pollution. With this apparatus you can show how to obtain their elimination. Using a rubber tube, a lit sigarette is put in communication with the inside of the flask. If you suck out the air using the pump, the flask fills up with smoke.

The internal electrode, which is pointed, and the external plate must be connected to an electrostatic machine (we suggest the code 5001.5085). Switching on the machine, you will notice that , at first, the smoke spins around and then it disappears. If you repeat this operation several times, the walls become black. Cleaning the flask with a bit of white spirit, the tar contained in the cigarette's smoke melts down, allowing the teacher to show the damage caused to the airways.

Instruction guide included.

Kit contain:

1 Büchner flask (or vacuum flask), 500 ml
1 Electrode tip with a rubber stopper
1 Suction pump with Rubber tube
1 Metal disk
1 Mohr's Clip (Clamp)
1 White spirit bottle
2 Wires
2 Crocodile clips