5436 - Microwave optics kit

5436 - Sada pro mikrovlnnou optiku
5436 - Sada pro mikrovlnnou optiku5436 - Sada pro mikrovlnnou optiku5436 - Sada pro mikrovlnnou optiku
Types of waves:Microwaves
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The microwave optics kit includes a transmitter, a receiver, a loudspeaker and other accessories that allow you to perform various experiences, through which you will discover how microwaves have the same characteristics as light waves and cause the same reflection, refraction and diffraction phenomena.
The presence of the protractor and the millimeter track and the ability to connect an oscilloscope (not provided) to the BNC output of the receiver allow you to carry out a quantitative analysis as well.
The transmitter is equipped with a switch that allows you to choose between internal and external modulation of the carrier signal.

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