Dissected Fetal Pig

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  • Detailed decription


  • removable organs
  • Allows for anatomy identification
  • Anatomically positioned in correct dissection position
  • Under organs show arteries/veins
  • Curriculum on dissection and anatomy parts of fetal pig


  • Many classes do actual Fetal Pig dissections in their AG classes to understand anatomy from the inside out. Using fetal piglets that can be dissected to view body parts.


  • Teach the anatomy without the mess, no smell of formaldehyde, no clean up, no having to dissect it over and over each year for the teacher
  • Our product allows you to use year after year, it is larger size than an actual fetal pig, so you can see the veins, arteries, and hard to see body parts
  • Use to demonstrate how to actually cut a fetal pig and find different body parts with our model and the curriculum