Calf Simulator

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  • Detailed decription

Life-size bull calf simulator to teach students how to care for major calf issues, including tube feeding, ear tagging, hormone injection, castration, neck injection and tail blood draw techniques.

  • Tube feeding                                   
  • Pliable mouth                  
  • Movable ears                                  
  • Ear tagging                                       
  • Ear hormone implants                 
  • Navel Swelling                 
  • Neck Injections
  • Jugular Blood Draw
  • Jugular Pulse
  • Castration Simulation
  • Tail Blood Draw
  • Curriculum


  • Calves have a lot of vulnerabilities when they are young, it is important to know what the vulnerabilities are, how to catch them when there is a problem and how to treat the problem.  This is important to make sure the animal does not die or cause further injury to the animal.


  • Working to practice certain “animal husbandry” (caring for the animal) skills is a big deal in AG and helping students get hands on experience with some techniques that could cause the animal physical harm or pain is very important in training.
  • This product allows you to have multiple training options in a single product. It also allows you to be able have the animal in the classroom, it is the best thing besides having the real thing in the classroom.
  • Allows for creating learning opportunity for students who are not from the farm to get an understanding of the farm, what problems animals have, how to fix those problems and how to help care for the animals.