42000 - Infant Hip Examination Trainer

42000 - Infant Hip Examination Trainer

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Developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH) occurs in approximately 1 or 2 babies in 1,000. The Limbs & Things Infant Hip Exam Trainer has been designed to meet the specific requirements of healthcare professionals training to identify and diagnose DDH.
This infant hip trainer comes with 2 interchangeable lower leg modules that allow trainees to identify the differences between normal and abnormal hip pathologies. The Lower Abnormal hip module's range of motion gives trainees a realistic representation of the following:
  • Dislocating a hip that is lax in the socket
  • Relocating a hip that is dislocated from the socket, feeling the "clunk" as the procedure is completed
  • Using the Galeazzi sign to identify the visual signs of DDH
  • Using both the Ortolani Test and Barlow Maneuver on both hip pathologies
An infant torso module was included in the trainer to provide a weighted model that has greater stability when in use. It also increases realism over a simple lower leg module.


  • The infant hip trainer is quick and easy to set up
  • Our durable model allows for repeated training using the Ortolani Test and Barlow Maneuver
  • The Infant Hip Examination Trainer comes with two hip modules:
  • Normal hip module – this allows trainees to understand the haptics of how a normal hip would react during an examination
  • Abnormal hip module - one hip that is dislocated and can be maneuvered into the correct position and the other hip is lax and can be dislocated, both using the Ortolani Test and Barlow Maneuver
  • Articulated knee and ankle joints mean the baby's feet can be placed flat on a bed replicating the Galeazzi sign


  • A realistic 'clunk' can be felt when resetting the dislocated hip
  • This model is anatomically accurate for a 1 month old female infant
  • Interchangeable lower modules allow trainees to recognize normal hips as well as two types of abnormal hip


  • This product is latex free



Palpable greater trochanter on the left and right femurs to aid correct hand placement
The infant hip simulator has: articulating hip, knee and ankle joints for the Barlow and Ortolani maneuvers and Galeazzi sign


  • Performing the Ortolani test
  • Performing the Barlow maneuver
  • Recognising the Galeazzi sign
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42000 - Trenažér vyšetření kyčlí kojenců

42000 - Infant Hip Examination Trainer

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