3032 - Ripple tank

3032 - Ripple tank

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  • Simple to assemble
  • Easy of carry out the experiments
  • Reliable and repeatable results
  • Excellent visual resolution of the wave front

The stroboscopic lamp is fitted with an extra-bright 3W LED, which is synchronised with the surface-wave generator. The control unit is equipped with a digital display and allows to set or to stop the synchronism of the vibrator with the lamp, the modulation of wave amplitude and its frequency. The vibrator is electro-dynamic type. The tank is provided with two adjustable feet and with an easyto-use drain pipe ending with a tap.

Tank (overall): 30x30 cm
Projection Screen (overall): 30x30 cm

Ripple Generator
Ripple generator with power adapter.
Frequency: 0-50 Hz.
Switch on/off synchro LED.
Digital display.

The vibrator is electro-dynamic type.

White LED
3W, white LED light source with both strobe and steady modes.

Acrylic Lens
Acrylic lens, convex
Acrylic lens, concave
Acrylic trapezium
For experiments on refraction

1. Single Dipper
2. Double Dipper
3. Dipper for parallel waves

For experiments on diffraction, reflection and for measuring wavelenght.

Convex Reflector
For extra experiments on reflection.

Some experiments that can be carried out:

  • Superficial waves on water
  • Wavefront
  • Wavelength
  • Propagation speed
  • Reflection
  • Refraction
  • Interference
  • Stationary waves
  • Diffraction
  • Huygens principle
Types of waves
Mechanické vlnění
Quantitative unit
Zařízení pro pokusy s vlněním

3032 - Ripple tank

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