15104 - Cleaning Kit

15104 - Čistící sada
Set for cleaning and maintenance of microscopes.
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This set for cleaning and maintenance of microscopes includes:
  • liquid for lens cleaning
  • five cotton sticks
  • anti-static cloth 18x15 cm
  • 2 Smart Wipes


It is recommended to store the microscope in a dry and dust-free place. A good microscope will last many years, even when used frequently, provided that it is kept free from dust and regularly cleaned. In order to clean it, non-abrasive materials and products have to be employed. Generally, the microscope should be cleaned at the end of each day of work. The daily cleaning comprises the removal of dust that accumulated on the lenses during the day and of dirt located on the eyepieces' external lenses, due to contacts with eyebrows and eyelids. For this type of cleaning just remove the dust by means of an air brush or compressed air flow. To remove fat and greasy spots do never use organic solvents such as the oil by-products. In this case, dilute some alcohol into water and use a cotton cloth.