WhirlPak – Sterile bags for samples storing

Whirl-Pak bags were developed nearly forty years ago, thus became the first sterile sample bags on the market. They were designed as transport bags for milk, which were used for gathering samples of produced milk. Whirl-Pak bags allowed the creation of “universal sampling system”, which means using one sample for all the tests to be carried out to verify the quality of substances contained in the product and whether it meets the requirements arising from the law. Whirl-Pak samples bags are made of semi-natural low density polyethylene, which gives two important properties to bags:

  • Exceptionally clean foil – you can easily see through
  • Exceptional strength – unbreakable sample tank

Bags can be used for sampling of liquids, semi solids and solids. Whirl-Pak bags are patented under patent number 2973131 a following patents. The thickness of the foil may be in the range from 0.57 mm to 1.02 mm depending on the size and type of bag. Thanks to high-quality mixed polyethylene is not need a great foil thickness for optimum strength.

Protective tapes

All Whirl-Pak bags have straps that protects against perforation. This patented process extends tapes at the end of the wire, thereby eliminating the sharp points that could rupture the bag, scratch anybody’s hand or glove rupture. Only Whirl-Pak bags have this important aid, which makes them the easiest and safest use of laboratory bags! Protective tapes are patented under patent number 5180229.

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