Heat Flow Device

Zařízení k ukázkám proudění tepla
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  • Detailed decription

Stable glass flask with rectangular bends for demonstrating the flow of heat in a liquid that is heated non-uniformly. With GL18 screw fitting and side-limbs for filling with water, and a small quantity of potassium permanganate for colouring.

  • Dimensions: 420 × 420 mm
  • Tube diameter: 30 mm

Additionally required:

  • 5401.U13271 Tripod Stand, 185 mm
  • 5401.U15002 Stainless Steel Rod, 470 mm
  • 5401.U13255 Universal Clamp
  • 5401.U13261 Universal Jaw Clamp
  • 5401.U8621240 Spirit Lamp
  • Potassium permanganate for use as a colouring agent