XP90-002 - Upgrade Kit for 3B Birthing Simulator Basic

Rozšiřující sada pro porodní simulátor BASIC
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You can extend your birth simulator, P90 Basic, with this upgrade kit, to offer all the training features of the Pro version. The following birth scenarios can be demonstrated and practiced too: C-section birth, including cutting and tearing a C-section, vertical amniotic sacs including release of the amniotic fluid, manual-diagnosed fetal positions of the baby through the abdominal wall (e.g. Leopold method).


Delivery contents:

  • Abdominal wall
  • Two-layer abdominal wall insert made of sectionable silicone
  • Inflatable uterus insert with sectionable and exchangeable upper uterine wall
  • Anatomically shaped cervix
  • Modeled vulva with vagina (birth canal)
  • Safety strap