W19348 - Pressurised Cannulation Pad

W19348 - Pressurised Cannulation Pad

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The Pressurised Cannulation Pad has been introduced to provide a portable intravenous trainer and act as an alternative to using the traditional arm. These trainers are realistic and achieve relatively low running costs.

  • There is one blood vessel that is set into a fleshy pad at variable depths
  • The Pressure is provided by a simple squeeze on the bulb into a fluid reservoir
  • Both skin pad and vessels are replaceable

Measurements: 27 × 24,5 × 10 cm
Weight: 1,0 kg

Options and Replacements:

  • W19349 - Cannulation Pad
    Measurements: 27 × 24,5 × 10 cm
    Weight: 800 g
  • W19350 - Replacement Tubing
    Measurements: 20 × 1,2 × 1 cm
    Weight: 100 g
Cannula, injection, puncturing - filter
Quantitative unit
W19348 - Tlaková podložka pro nácvik kanylace

W19348 - Pressurised Cannulation Pad