Inertia Balance

Váha na měření setrvačné hmotnosti
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Inertia balance for determining inertial mass. After the apparatus is calibrated by determining the vibration frequency for objects of known mass, it can be used to determine the unknown masses. The Inertial Balance consists of two metal trays connected by stiff steel spring strips. One tray has 3 holes to hold up to three masses and the other tray may be anchored to a table edge or laboratory bench with the included table clamp.

  • Length of steel strip: approx. 350 mm
  • Masses: approx. 175 g each


  • 1 Inertia Balance
  • 1 Table clamp
  • 1 Cord, 1.85 m
  • 3 Masses

Additionally required:

  • 5401.U40801 Mechanical Stopwatch, 15 min