Tube Aid Vaginal Examination And Delivery Simulator

Vaginální vyšetřovací a porodní simulátor
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This patented and award winning model may be used to demonstrate changes in the cervix during labour and to simulate normal and abnormal vaginal deliveries. It is supplied with a foetal doll, a set of 5 simulated cervixes (representing dilations of 0cm, 2cm, 5cm, 7cm and 9cm) and instructions. The exact dilation can be varied by the amount the foetal head is inserted into the cervix, thus all dilations from 0cm to full effacement can be simulated.

The model is made from elasticated tube material over a pelvic framework. The stand is fitted with suction pads to hold it firmly during demonstration. The internal landmarks of the pelvis, the pubic arch and ischial spines are present. The foetal doll shows the sutures and fontanelles of the head, has firm shoulders, an umbilical cord and placenta.