US Mentor

US Mentor
US Mentor
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U/S Mentor VR

An innovative Virtual Reality Ultrasound Training Solution – providing Immersive, Fun and Affordable training like never before.


Learning Objectives:

  • Acquiring in-depth anatomical understanding.
  • Acquiring in-depth understanding of Ultrasound scanning position and orientation to effectively demonstrate the desired views.
  • Learning and gaining experience in diverse scanning protocols.
  • Developing diagnostic proficiency in varied clinical areas.

Main Features:

  • Ultrasound VR LIGHT offers a standalone VR station with laptop, goggles, and probe to learn and practice diverse Ultrasound Scanning Protocols.
  • First Package shall offer 8 or more Tasks and Cases of diagnostic scanning protocols in the clinical fields of Trauma Emergency Medicine / Point of Care Ultrasound / and OB/GYN.
  • Structured tasks for training and assessment in eFAST, RUSH and Obstetrics protocols.
  • Complete clinical cases for scanning, interpreting and diagnosing normal or abnormal findings.
  • Additional Ultrasound VR configurations for comprehensive training experience – COMING SOON!


The U/S Mentor™ simulator combines realistic male / female mannequins with true-to-life external landmarks and realistic virtual patients for the practice of scanning and diagnosing various anatomies and pathologies.

Training on the simulator provides a true-to-life experience, using emulated ultrasound probes for transthoracic, transabdominal, transesophageal and transvaginal procedures.

The platform includes an innovative all-in-one computer with large high definition multi-touch screen. The configuration is enhanced by a wireless keyboard, a wireless mouse and a foot switch for simple, convenient user operation.



This cutting edge compact and affordable platform is an enhanced self-training tool, designet to teach Trans-Esophageal Echocardiography (TEE) using a realistic TEE probe.

The simulator includes 12 tasks and cases of both healthy and pathological cases for a realistic and comprehensive TEE examination.

Trainees can tone their skills in capturing the standard views in didactic environment, use advanced measurements and imaging modes as well as diagnose diverse clinical findings.

The clinical cases include valvular pathologies, congenital defects and atrial fibrillation.



  • Packed in a carry-on suitcase
  • Compact
  • Affordable
  • Easy setup


  • Actual modified TEE probe
  • Realistic probe maneuvering
  • Self-learning
  • 3D anatomical map
  • Full clinical environment
  • Integrated scanning protocols
  • M-mode
  • Spectral Doppler + PW/CW assessment