US-16 - Intravesical Urine Volume Measurement Training Simulator

Intravezikální simulátor pro nácvik měření objemu moči
Ultrazvukový obraz
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Pocket-sized ultrasound is becoming popular and start to be utilized in adult day care to check intravesical urine volume instead of catheterization which may cause urinary infection.


Training skills

  • Handling and manipulation of transducers on bladder ultrasound
  • Scanning the bladder to measure urine volume and findings
    • 4 variations of interchangeable inserts feature different patient scenarios
      • Urine volume 50 ml
      • Urine volume 150 ml
      • Urine volume 300 ml
      • Urinary retention + baloon catheter

Set Includes:

  • 1 pelvic model
  • 1 carrying container


  • Body size: approx. W30×D26×H18cm
  • Phantom size: approx. W14xD12xH13cm
  • Body weight: approx. 3.2kg
  • Phantom weight: approx.1.5kg