Electrostatic Equipment Set

U8557810 - Sada vybavení k elektrostatice
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Using this equipment many historical experiments can be performed to investigate electrostatic phenomena. The components are equipped with 4 mm connector pins thus providing for rapid and easy interchangeability of assembly on an insulated stand. Experiment cables are included for connection to the charge source. We recommend that the Wimshurst machine (P- 1002967 ) be used as a charge source in these experiments.


1 Standbase
1 Stand rod, insulated, with retaining and connection socket
1 Conductor sphere 30 mm diam., with pin
1 Rolling sphere race
1 Double pendulum
8 Polystyrene balls
1 Box with spherical electrode
1 Box with pointed electrode
1 Triskelion wheel on needle bearing
1 Bundle of plastic strips on rod
1 Luminous pane
1 Chimes with bells
1 Friction rod, plastic, with 4 mm socket
2 Experiment cables Incense cones Experiment instructions