U8557170 - Kater’s Reversible Pendulum

U8557170 - Reverzní kyvadlo
U8557170 - Reverzní kyvadlo
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Special form of physical pendulum for determining local acceleration due to gravity g. Pendulum rod with two fulcra plus one sliding and one fixed disc weight for adjusting the period of oscillation. When correctly adjusted, the pendulum will oscillate about both fulcra with the same period of oscillation. The pendulum is suspended from very low-friction needle bearings on a highly stable support. In order to adjust orientation, the support is equipped with two adjustment screws and a spirit level. Includes mounting plate for light barrier.
Experiment Topics:
  • Measurement of periods of oscillation of Kater's reversible pendulum for two fulcra
  • Adjustment of Kater's reversible pendulum for equal periods of oscillation
  • Determination of acceleration due to gravity


Technical specification:

Height of apparatus with pendulum: 1.25 m approx.
Length of pendulum rod: 1.2 m
Separation of bearing points: 800 mm
Period of adjusted pendulum: 1794 ms when g = 9.81 m/s²
Total weight: 6.3 kg approx.