U2070C-02 - Vacuum pump system for harsh chemical applications ChemStar® Dry 2070

Systém vakuových vývěv pro náročné chemické podmínky ChemStar® Dry 2070
Pumping rate [l/min]:140
Treshold pressure [kPa]:0,007
Vacuum pump:Diaphragm
Quantitative unit:ks
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With the new ChemStar Dry, you get the advantages of two combined technologies: Roots blower and diaphragm vacuum pump. The result is an oil-free, software- driven vacuum system, ready to work on your tough chemical applications – clean, fast, and thorough.

ChemStar Dry pumps quickly down (9 m³/h) to the working range for most evaporative operations (2.0 to 0.1 mbar) with an ultimate pressure of 10-2 mbar. The innovative electronically controlled vapour load optimises the pumping speed control. You can even pump corrosive vapours, since all wetted parts of the system are coated with PTFE and other proprietary coatings so they are chemical resistant. The integrated self-cleaning function also contributes to the system’s long lifetime and enables repeatable results.Take advantage of its state-of-the-art technology for optimal operating conditions and results.ChemStar Dry is suitable for all applications where high gas flow and deep vacuum are needed.



  • Oil-Free : no oil back-streaming, no oil maintenance/disposal, cleaner work place, cleaner samples, less maintenance
  • Plug and Play: patented software control, auto speed control from atm to 0.07 mbar, self-cleaning function, protection from surges
  • Low vacuum mostly without cold trap: no dry ice or trap apparatus needed, less maintenance, lower cost of ownership, extra bench space
  • Chemical Resistant: pumps corrosive vapour/gases, TFE and proprietary coatings

Connection kits available. See "Service/Accessories" parts.


Technical Data

  • Max. pumping speed at 50 Hz in m³/h (l/min): 8.4 (140)
  • Max pumping speed at 60 Hz in m³/h (l/min): 10.1 (168)
  • Ultimate pressure in mbar (Torr) without gas ballast: 7x10-2
  • Wired for: 230V, 50/60Hz
  • Intake connection: DN 25 KF
  • Exhaust connection: DN 25 KF
  • Sound level (dB): 57
  • Dimensions (W/D/H) in mm: 460/220/470
  • Weight kg (lbs): 23 (50.7)