Teltron Triode D

Trioda D
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High-vacuum electron tube with thermionic cathode and control grid for demonstrating the thermoelectric effect (Edison effect). Use the tube to investigate the practical applications of a triode as an amplifier and generating undamped oscillations in LC circuits. Also investigate the characteristics of triodes and let students discover the negative electron charge polarity.

  • Max. heater voltage: 7,5 V AC / DC
  • Max. anode voltage: 500 V
  • Anode current: approx. 2 mA at 200 V (Anode)
  • Glass bulb: approx. 130 mm dia.
  • Total length: approx. 260 mm

Additionally required:

  • 5401.U19100 Tube Holder D
  • 5401.U138101 Set of Leads for Electron Tube Experiments
  • 5401.U33000230 DC Power Supply, 0 - 500 V (230 V, 50 / 60 Hz)