Captive Bolt Gun Training Models

Tréninkové modely pro jateční přístroje
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Full body models have feel and weight of live animals and have replaceable heads for use with non penetrating captive bolts. Used for training animal positioning and bolt placement. Each head can endure multiple shots. Each body includes 2 replaceable heads.
All head models are equipped with a reusable brain canisters with skull plate and skin or hair covering. The brain is a dimensionally accurate biological representation.
The targeting brain canisters can be removed and opened to show the shot accuracy, bolt track, depth of penetration.
Penetrating models- each head includes 2 reusable silicone canisters with 4 skull/hair plates
  • Long face bovine (Holstein)
  • Short face bovine (Hereford)
  • Market steer
  • Sow
  • Market hog
  • Market lamb
Non penetrating models- 2 heads are included with each non penetrating bolt model
  • Small 3kg piglet
  • Medium 6kg piglet
  • Large 9kg piglet
  • Set of all 3 piglets
  • 4kg lamb
Reusable brain canisters
  • Large canister
  • Large skull/hair plate
  • Medium canister
  • Medium skull/hair plate
  • Small canister
  • Small skull/hair plate
Replaceable heady
  • Small 3kg piglet
  • Medium 6kg piglet
  • Large 9kg piglet
  • 4kg lamb
  • Rolling stand- Adjustable for height, rostral tilt and 90 degree rotation