Base Unit for Instrumental Delivery Trainer Lucy and her Mum

Trenažér asistovaného porodu Lucy a její matka
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The Lucy and her Mum Instrumental Delivery Trainer is designed specifically for medical practitioners to simulate the practice of instrumental delivery with vacuum.

In collaboration with world renowned expert on vacuum delivery, Professor Aldo Vacca, the Lucy and her Mum Instrumental Delivery Trainer has been designed to accurately simulate the tactile experience of using vacuum. It allows the clinician to concentrate on the delivery of the head.

The shape of Lucy's head adheres accurately to the measurements Professor Vacca has taken of numerous fetal heads over many years, so that the fontanelles are accurately placed on the moulded head, and can be easily felt.

The Lucy and her Mum instrumental Delivery Trainer is made of a very soft, highly elastic, and very durable material.

It is easy to clean, and following simple maintenance instructions ensures the models will last a long time.

They are also easy to repair if they are accidentally damaged.