Transparent Stirling Engine

Stirlingův motor, průhledný
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The Transparent Stirling Engine is ideal for quantitative investigations of cyclic thermodynamic processes and specifically for understanding the Stirling cycle. The integrated generator has a two stage belt pulley and is equipped with a switchover option for operating an integrated lamp, external loads, or demonstrating the processes of a heat pump or refrigerator. Includes integrated engine generator and alcohol burner.

  • Recessed temperature measurement sockets
  • Light barrier on flywheel
  • Connection for pressure measurements
  • String to measure the stroke of the power piston and determine volume
  • Displacement cylinder and piston made of heat resistant glass
  • Power cylinder, flywheel, and gearbox covers made of acrylic glass
  • Power: 1 – 4 W
  • Idling speed: 1 000 rpm
  • Flywheel: 140 mm dia.
  • Power cylinder: 25 mm dia.
  • Stroke of the power piston: 24 mm
  • Gas volume: 32 cm? – 44 cm?
  • Motor generator unit: max. 12 V DC, 0,43 A
  • Belt pulley: two stage (30 mm dia., 19 mm dia.)

Additionally recommended:

  • 5401.U11323 Relative Pressure Sensor ±1 000 hPa
  • 5401.U11324 Holder for Relative Pressure Sensor
  • 5401.U11371 Displacement Sensor
  • 5401.U11372 Adaptor for Displacement Sensor
  • 5401.U11310 3B NETlabTM
  • 5401.U11300230 3B NET logTM (230 V, 50 / 60 Hz)