Stirling Engine D

Stirlingův motor D
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A functional model of a Stirling engine based on an idea by Professor Wilcke optimised for demonstrating to students the conversion of thermal energy into mechanical energy and the operation of a thermal engine, as well as investigating the Stirling cycle.

The interplay between the displacement piston and the power piston can be seen especially clearly at a low rate of rotation. In this version the displacement piston moves discontinuously, with a dwell time during the heating of the working medium (air) and a second dwell time during its cooling. This offers a clearer demonstration of the ideal Stirling cycle than is possible with continuous piston movement.

The heat source can be provided by an integrated electric hotplate, a candle flame, or focused radiation from the sun or from a lamp. In the latter case the direction of rotation will depend on whether the heat is applied from above or from below.

For recording pV diagrams, the pressure can be measured via a rubber hose connection on the power cylinder, and the volume can be measured by attaching a thread to the power piston to follow its movement.

  • Heater voltage: 8 – 12 V, 1,5 A
  • Gas volume: 330 cm? – 345 cm?
  • Flywheel rod: 400 mm
  • Dimensions without flywheel rod: 260 × 185 × 330 mm
  • Weight: 2,2 kg

Additionally recommended:

  • 5401.U11321 Relative Pressure Sensor ±100 hPa
  • 5401.U11371 Displacement Sensor
  • 5401.U11310 3B NETlabTM
  • 5401.U11300230 3B NET logTM (230 V, 50 / 60 Hz)