Spencer Mask - black polysulphonate, kit four sizes

Spencer Mask - černý polysulfonát, sada čtyř velikostí
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Spencer transparent face masks are ideal for use with all types of manual or automatic resuscitator. The structure is modelled anatomically and ergonomically to guarantee a perfect fit to the patient’s face and an optimum grip for the operator.

Transparent shell

Allows inspection in case:

  • the patient bleeds from the mouth or nose
  • the patient starts to vomit
  • if the patient starts to breathe spontaneously (the face mask steams up)
  • the patient’s lips turn blue

The shell is produced in polysulphonate or polycarbonate and has an optimum grip even for small hands.

Inflatable cushion

The inflatable cushion is made of silicone and does not deflate: the mask is always ready for use. The pressure inside the cushion can be modified, in order to adapt and guarantee a good fit to the patient’s face. The use of silicone has enabled us to present the first latex free inflatable cushion mask.