SNMA-21 - SonoMan AAA Training Module v2.1

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SNMA-21 - SonoMan AAA Training Module v2.1

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The AAA Module for the SonoMan® System Diagnostic Ultrasound Trainer is an extension to the SonoMan System FAST Module.

The AAA Module allows students to evaluate and confirm a high-risk diagnosis with a patient presenting with a life-threatening abdominal aortic aneurysm. The AAA Module includes a mentor, student, and instructor mode. In Mentor mode, the user has access to an annotated version of each image. Instructor mode allows the instructor to include additional annotations for advanced learning. The image and video library include representations of two normal patients and three abnormal patients where abnormalities can be diagnosed.


  • This is a software module for the SonoMan Diagnostic Ultrasound Trainer (sold separately) Contact your Account Representative to learn more.
  • PC not included


  • AAA Software Module for SonoMan System


  • Landmarks on the body used for identification of window locations for the exam
  • Seven targets in the window
  • Transverse and longitudinal viewing
  • All images and videos are of actual patients - both normal and abnormal M
  • Mentor mode allows users to activate the onscreen labels of any of the digital images
  • Each module includes an instructor (teaching) and student (exam) mode


  • Read diagnostic ultrasound imaging
  • Reading and understanding the various normal and abnormal views
  • Identify external and internal landmarks for a AAA exam
Phantoms and simulators
Ultrasound phantoms
Quantitative unit
SNMA-21 - AAA modul pro diagnostický ultrazvukový trenažér SonoMan

SNMA-21 - SonoMan AAA Training Module v2.1