SMS SM101 - SmartMan BLS CPR

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Basic BLS CPR trainer of SmartMan family.
Basic life support - filter:Adult torso
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Accurate High Quality Feedback

Easy to understand feedback so that you can adjust performance as you perform. The award winning color feedback allows you to adjust performance immediately. Independent research shows it leads to improved Quality of CPR.


High Quality CPR

  • Award Winning Training
  • At-a-Glance Understanding
  • Rapid Skills Improvement
  • Linked to Improved Survival

More Features

  • Jaw Thrust
  • Hygiene System
  • Wireless
  • Metronome

Tools For Trainers

  • Class Management
  • Save Comments
  • Quick Charts
  • Review and Print

This system picks up leaning on the chest and is sensitive to moving off of the correct spot. Ventilations provide accurate display of volume and accurate real time display for rate as you provide air; it is like no other system available!

This is an easy to use system and it gives you objective evidence based assessment. Data is stored so you can review it at a later time.

This system is exceptionally accurate. You will be certain that you are developing muscle memory of correct performance. In just a few minutes you can re-adjust skills so you know you are performing at a high level.